What is Branded Content?

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Branded Content is the content created by a brand to give more visibility in the media to the human bond it has with people. In other words, it comprises all the stories about itself and how it relates to others.

To put it simpler, we can say that branded content is what we do to convey the personality of our brand in such a way that everybody finds it appealing.

What is Branded Content for?

Its main purpose is to help brands create engagement and connect at a human level with clients, leads and workers. It is actually a very useful strategy for employer branding. To that end, it is usually based on audiovisuals and other strategies such as storytelling, due to their great potential to strike a chord on the audience.

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Which is the difference between Branded Content and Content Marketing?

Although there are many common points, they are not exactly the same thing.

  • Content marketing aims at creating useful content for the Buyer persona of a brand in all the stages of the Buyers Journey and it is mainly informative.
  • Branded content, on the other hand, creates content that is directly related to the human face and the brand philosophy and its approach is mostly recreational, with a ludic nature.

Both content types share the fact that it is not their intention to sell something straight to you, but actually they help build trust and identification on the user, also generating a presence in digital media. That is why they are usually applied along with more comprehensive Inbound strategies.

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Examples of branded content

Branded content is a resource used mainly by big companies with a long history on the media. However, it is possible to make profit of it for small and medium businesses as well resorting to some creativity.

A classic example of branded content is the Coca-Cola Journey, a corporate website focused on creating content exclusively related to brand promises, new releases, business growth, corporate contributions, etc.

Another example is the Starbucks Stories Blog, a website of the world’s most popular cafeterias chain that is solely dedicated to storytelling related to the people who make up the company.

To learn more about Branded Content

Branded Content is quite complex to develop because in order to achieve that special bond with the audience it’s necessary to consider some key elements from marketing, psychology, storytelling, technical creation data, etc. For this reason, if you want to learn more about the topic, please check the following resources we’ve selected for you:

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