What is content creation?

“Content creation” within the context of digital marketing means producing texts, articles, images, videos, recordings (or any combination of formats) which offer information or entertainment while meeting specific objectives to attract web traffic and potential clients.

Content creation and how it relates to inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is quite a different approach to advertising – instead of badgering clients with unwanted ads, it captures their attention by showing them content of their interest.

For instance, let’s consider an inbound option and one which is not: a pet shop that sells organic food may hand out fliers to passersby, or may include some informative article on its website telling more about their business line decision.

The first example is not inbound marketing because the audience is not segmented and also because nobody got there to ask for the flier. People who get one may not have a pet or might actually not be interested in organic food for dogs and end up throwing the flier away.

If we resort to the second strategy, however, and we develop an article titled “Everything you need to know about organic food for pets”, you will appear on searches of users who have much more in common with your target client profile.

That’s why content creation is so important in digital marketing: it helps people reach the right target to increase sales.

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How does content creation for digital marketing works?

When you create content and you post it on a website or a social network, it can be found by people searching for related information. In order to ensure the visibility of their content, companies rely on the principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This optimization means to follow the SEO strategies of keywords, linkbuilding, delivery, among others, to appear among the first results when potential clients search the web. Back to the previous example, if the article “Everything you need to know about organic food for pets” is listed on top of the SERP, this site will attract high traffic (visits) from an audience already segmented, and some of those visits will become clients.

This is only a comprised summary, but there are hundreds of factors to be taken into consideration for content strategy. To start with, planning an editorial calendar according to business goals, clients’ needs and expectations, the actions of competitors, etc.

Then such content has to be delivered to social networks and related pages, and finally, the results should be analyzed so as to improve the strategy and keep evolving.

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Who is in charge of content creation?

Creating quality digital content which can actually attract potential clients often involves team working. Below, we mention some of the profiles usually engaged in this approach of digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing experts: These are professionals who know the entire process of inbound marketing and who can conduct the necessary research and prospecting to generate an efficient editorial calendar.
  • Copywriters: They attend to developing the texts for content. Their expertise is usually related to persuasive writing, but also to SEO writing.
  • Designers and editors: They are on top of creating and editing audiovisual content, such as photographs, videos or podcasts.
  • Programmers: They integrate content to websites. More often than not, they are also involved with the creation of interactive content, such as tests, games or dynamic infographics.
  • Community managers: They are in charge of deciding on and implementing the strategies for content delivery in social networks.

To learn more about content creation

Content creation is one of the widest and most complex topics in the universe of inbound marketing. If you want to learn more about it, we suggest that you check out some of the learning resources we’ve selected for you:

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