What is web content?

Web content refers to any text, image, audio, video or program that can be checked on the Internet by means of a web browser.

Unlike other software tools such as Word, which can only reproduce files in a couple of formats besides .docx, browsers support a wide variety of web standards such as HTML5, CSS, JavaSript, XHTML, etc. through which you can access very many types of multimedia files and interactive content. 

In short, web content is whatever you can see on the screen of your computer, your tablet or your mobile device when you access the Internet.

What is web content for?

Uploading content to the web makes it available for just anyone with internet access. It is estimated that today at least half of the world’s population can access the web by means of some electronic device. With over 4,000 million users online, web content has become the most efficient way to share information.

In terms of digital marketing, production of web content is key for the SEO of companies, whose main objectives are to boost a site’s traffic, reach more potential clients and increase the number of conversions (sales, subscriptions, donations, etc). 

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Some examples of web content in digital marketing

In order to have a more accurate idea of how important web content is to companies and organizations, just imagine you’re googling information about, for instance, whales. You may reach this Greenpeace site about whales, where you can learn a lot of interesting things.

But that content, beyond clearing up your doubts, aims at raising awareness about the indiscriminate hunting of whales, and lastly, also at achieving conversions in the form of volunteering applications and donations. See the article that includes several Calls to action

Now let’s imagine you’re looking for information about electric cars. You may get to this article from Auto Trader, a digital automotive marketplace. 

According to corporate policies, a user browsing for this type of information might well be interested in changing their current vehicle, so this user immediately becomes part of their target audience. Therefore, creating this type of content in their blog is, for the company, an efficient, low-cost way to attract potential clients to their site. 

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Who develops web content?

There are many types of professionals who can create web content directly in supported file formats such as copywritersdesigners and video producers. Programmers as well, who design websites or executables from scratch.

And there’s also an endless list of web editors, like WordPress or Wix, which allow just any user without HTML knowledge or webpage development skills to upload and publish different types of web content.

Remember that web content creation for digital marketing must be monitored by an Inbound Marketing strategies expert, so that it adapts to the requirements of your Buyer persona and reaches the proper target. 

Learn more about web content

Talking about web content is basically talking about the Internet as a whole, and as you may well know, it’s a really huge topic, being constantly updated. If you want to learn more about it, check these resources we’ve selected for you.

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