What is AdServer?

An AdServer is a software that stores data about advertising content and delivers ads to websites, browsers, social networks and applications. When a company wants to post its ads massively, it requires adserver to easily solve payment, bids and settings.

The AdServer is also an algorithm system that determines what advertisement will be displayed to a given user on an advertising space, according to the information about their preferences.

What is the role of an AdServer?

An AdServer or advertising manager allows you to pay for advertisement content and posts on different digital media, change the settings, segment them according to key word, preferences or user data, and also measure the results of each action.

For example, a brand trying to allocate a piece of advertising on certain social networks and web pages, to establish the settings so that it only shows for female users from 20 to 30, and to measure the results of the ad, will use an AdServer to perform all these actions automatically, instead of managing each of them on each site.

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What type of results can be measured by an AdServer?

It depends on its settings, but as a general rule, this sort of tools collect the following information, among many others, connected to the performance of ad pieces:

  • Impressions: How many times it appeared on the user’s screen.
  • Clicks: How many times the user clicked on the ad.
  • Conversions: How many times users who clicked on the ad actually conducted some specific action on the site. 

The objective is having the client know the return on investment in different terms and optimizing their strategy on a permanent basis, so that this investment in advertising leads them to increasingly better results. 

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What is a DSP (Demand Side Platform)?

It’s a complex platform used by agencies to set scheduled purchases of advertising on different platforms. That is, systems which start automatic bids for online advertising according to previous settings. 

For instance, a DSP allows to indicate the AdServer what type of advertising you want to display, for which target audience, at what time, and how much are you willing to pay for it. Actually, DSP and AdServer are two concepts which go hand in hand.

Usually the current DSP are connected to a big amount of platforms. 

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What is a 3rd party data AdServer?

This is how we call an AdServer developed by a company that needs to measure advertising results very specifically and independently from the business DSP settings. 

Learn more about AdServers

AdServers are very complex tools, and to use them properly or even develop your own, it’s necessary to be experienced and have a strong expertise in digital marketing and programming. If you want to do further research, take a look at the learning tools below.

Do you need help with an AdServer?

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