What is SEM?

sem - search engine marketing

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine MarketingIt refers mainly to the process of purchasing ads on search engines.

Originally, the term included the first practices of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well, but at present this is so specialized and wide that “SEM” was basically reduced to ads such as per-per-click.

Along with a good organic strategy, SEM is a pretty effective way to increase traffic to your website really fast.

Which is the difference between SEM and SEO?

Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which has outstanding results in the mid and long term, SEM produces immediate results and has got an almost instant ROI: you may start a SEM campaign in the morning and see the first results right in the afternoon.

But as soon as you stop paying for advertising, your ads won’t be shown anymore. That is why the smartest thing to do is using SEM along with SEO: combining the quick results of the former with the long-term feasibility of the latter.

SEM might be very convenient due to its cost-effectiveness ratio. It gives you the chance to address your ads at your potential clients on the very moment they’re looking for information about your product or service, and in most cases, you only have to pay once a user has clicked on your ad.

How much should you invest in SEM?

A typical digital marketing campaign allocates almost 50% of its budget to strategies focused on search engines, usually formed by ‘31% for SEM and 18% for SEO. Anyway this will depend on the industry and on each company. Time and experience will define the proportion which works better for your own business.

The most widely used SEM platforms are Google Adwords y Facebook Ads, which allow you to choose keywords that you pay for and control the amount of money you invest in each campaign.

Who can run a SEM campaign for you?

Running a SEM-focused marketing campaign is not as simple as giving money to Google Adwords. It’s necessary to do a prior market research, choosing the right keywords and writing a short, precise but persuasive message. All of this can be performed by a digital advertising specialist.

Once the campaign is activated, it’s essential to follow it up and run A/B tests to promptly spot any opportunity for optimization or any problem that might emerge. This also prevents you from wasting your time and money.

Keep learning

Running good SEM campaigns means having the know-how and a timely view about the type of keywords and ads which it’s worth investing in, as the whole thing is not just about attracting users but attracting only those who are the right users. If you want to learn more about this topic, check the following links:

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