What is Buyer’s Journey?

ciclo de compra - buyer journey

The Buyer’s Journey or Purchase Cycle is the marketing term to refer to the different stages a lead goes through. It starts the moment they become aware of the fact that they need a product or service to the moment that they actually make the purchase.

Each Buyer Persona has a different Buyer’s Journey. They are all supposed to follow the same three main stages –awareness, consideration and decision-making. However, it is necessary to identify the peculiarities of each type of client to offer more effective content that leads them to conversion.

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Which are the stages of the Buyer’s Journey?

Some marketing trends consider a few additional stages in the Buyer’s Journey, but the three basic stages are the following:

  • Awareness Stage: The user realizes they have a problem or a need that can be solved by means of the acquisition of some product or service. In general they start researching informative content, such as articles or e-books.
  • Consideration Stage: The user researches available alternatives to solve their need. In general they want more specific informative content, such as product reviews and testimonials.
  • Decision Stage: The user defines which is the product or service they need and makes the purchase. In general they are more focused on finding discounts, demos or free trials during this stage.

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What is the Buyer’s Journey for?

When we know the Buyer’s Journey of our Buyer Persona, we count on the two elements we need to build a sales funnel with content customized according to the needs of our lead in that moment, as subjective needs of the Buyer Persona will change depending on which stage they are at.

Example of Buyer’s Journey and Sales Funnel

To give an example, let’s imagine you’re interested in getting a new mobile phone. You know what you need and you’d like a high-end device, but you are still not sure which model or brand is the best for you, so you start your research on the Internet. That is when you are at the consideration stage.

After a while, you find an article comparing in much detail the latest high-end devices in the market. The information is quite long and basically includes everything you were looking for. Thanks to the article you make up your mind about the device you’ll buy –and when you get to the last part, you find out there’s a CTA to get a 15% discount coupon by simply entering your contact details.

This is an example of content which really takes the Buyer’s Journey into account. It provides all the information you need in the consideration stage, but not just that –it encourages you to move to the next stage and make the decision, while ensuring that you’ll become a lead in case it’s necessary to do some extra lead nurturing.

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Learn more about the Buyer’s Journey

Creating content to adapt to the Buyer’s Journey and generate conversions is a very complex process involving a lot of analysis and some trial and error. That is why, to learn more about this topic, we’ve selected this set of resources for you:

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