What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text displayed in a hyperlink or link. That is, the text that you can click on and which will redirect you to some other site at once.

Anchor texts are usually highlighted in blue and/or underlined, like this example, and they grant the reader the possibility of accessing more contents related to what they’re reading.

What is Anchor Text for?

The main role of Anchor text is to improve content quality. A plain page, with no hyperlinks, is rather unremarkable and offers no interaction.

However, a site with several links to videos, some other articles or even some other pages of the same website, makes a much nicer and useful user experience.

Internal and external links are very important in SEO strategy, and Google search algorithm rank websites according to the existence and distribution of anchor texts.

Besides, including links to other pages of a website will reduce significantly the bounce rate, as readers may stay for longer.

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What types of Anchor text are there?

There are several modes to integrate an Anchor text, each one with slightly different results, both in appearance and in SEO performance. The basic of them are:

  • Brand: a direct link to a site’s homepage using just the name of the brand, for instance, Workana
  • Explicit link: a link explicitly showing that a certain website should be visited. For example, workana.com
  • Implicit link: a link that is not shown, inviting to visit a website with the words click here. There’s no keyword.
  • Graphic: this mode has no text. These are linked connections on clickable images, like this:

  • LSI: it stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s about relevant keywords. For example, if the target keyword was “Workana”, an example of LSI would be “how Workana works” or “How to sign up for Workana”. These can be integrated to the text more naturally and represent an excellent way of diversifying the profile of your anchor text.

Besides these, quite popular modes, there are some which are a combination of more than one, or which are derived from others.

Why is Anchor Text important?

Anchor text is important because when you put a keyword next to it, a phenomenon known as concurrency happens.

This allows Google search algorithm to determine that the link is directly related to the topic and that‘s how it can offer relevant information to the user.

The result is that your page gets a better score at the relevance ranking for the keyword, and then, a better positioning.

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How does Anchor Text work best?

In order to make the most of anchor texts, apart from adding keywords to it, the best this is to distribute it along your content and use it moderately so as to avoid penalties.

If you have 10 anchor texts in a content of 1000 words, a very efficient distribution of the anchor text types should be something like this:

  • 7 brand
  • 2 explicit link
  • 1 of the others

Learn more about Anchor text

Although Anchor text is just one more gear of the big machinery behind the SEO, it’s a good idea to find out about the subtleties involved for its proper operation. To that purpose, we’ve selected these links that deal further with the topic:

Do you need help with the Anchor text for your webpage?

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