What are the Keywords?

The keywords are the terms in a search that trigger the display of results and related ads.

When users are searching for information on the Internet, they use a search engine -usually Google-, introduce the terms which best describe their interests and hit the “Browse” button. The search engine then shows them the results including those keywords, listed according to usefulness and relevance.

When you design a digital marketing campaign, you want the search engine to show information about your product or service to the users who have introduced keywords related to your business. 

Why are keywords important?

Google processes 40,000 searches at a global scale per second. Google and Bing -the two leading search engines- have 5,730 million websites indexed, and both figures keep growing. 

Your website is just a drop in this huge sea of information, and keywords become essential in order to be found by your target audience: your potential clients.

Creating relevant and useful content including keywords that are important to a given target audience, you’re making the Google algorithm to identify your site as a relevant source of information and be displayed organically on a top positioning every time a user introduces such terms.

Positioning is essential as the first websites of the search results take most of the traffic with them and consequently, most of the clients as well.

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How to pick the right keywords?

The first step to picking the right keywords for your campaign is putting yourself in the shoes of the user and thinking how would I find my service or product?

Let’s say that your business is related to wine importing and online retail commercialization. Your basic keywords should be the following:

  • Buy wine online
  • Online sale of wines in Mexico
  • Wine “brand” Mexico
  • Wines for a special gift
  • Wine prices

When the keywords are too specific, the user will probably end up purchasing the product, but the traffic will be lower. These are called Long Tail Keywords, and they would look quite like this:

  • Online delivery of imported wines Mexico

Frequent mistakes when selecting and using keywords

Almost every tool to select keywords presents an estimated number of annual searches for each term. However, a keyword with a big search volume does not necessarily mean it’ll lead to conversions.

For instance, if you sell English learning courses, you’ll find that “free online English course” has lots of searches, but if you use it for your campaign you may not attract the right target audience.

Another very common mistake is content clutter -introducing too many keywords so as to make it more relevant for the search engine. This strategy might have been useful in the past, but nowadays Google algorithm is very sophisticated and the irrational use of keywords undermines the ranking of your site.

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Learn more about keywords

Selecting the right keywords is no easy task. There’s plenty of subtleties and both Google algorithms and user behavior are in constant evolution, so it’s quite a large topic. 

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