What is Copywriting?

Copywriting or creative writing is a very common term in marketing and advertising, which refers to the text of ads, slogans, landings and general content of a given brand. It can also refer to news headlines or to any other appealing way of communicating something for sales purposes.

Copywriting has always been closely connected to design and to the content marketing boom, but now it has evolved to reach other ways of communication such as storytelling, infographics and videos.

What is a copywriter?

The copywriter is in charge of planning and developing the copywriting, as well as structuring the semantic backbone of the advertising campaign content.

The copywriter works from an interdisciplinary approach, combining their expertise in merchandising, communication, writing, persuasion and language psychology. Additionally, it should be a creative profile, able to connect at a personal level with the target audience.

How is copywriting related to content marketing?

Copywriting is often used for sales purposes, although a copywriter also has many other tools which are perfect for the creation of inbound content. We’re talking about the text that is designed to attract potential clients with no need to offer directly a product or service.

Some copywriters specialize in direct advertising content and others are better at developing content to attract leads to the sales funnel. However, many of them have a good command of both sides of the business writing.

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Which is the difference between a copywriter and an editor?

Editors or content writers are in charge of developing the texts for the content strategy, usually corporate blogs, e-books, business news, etc. Copywriters are responsible for the creative ideas and concepts behind the advertising strategies.

Many times it happens that the dividing line between them is quite ambiguous and several freelancers can work both on copywriting and content writing. You’ll find specialized profiles for each field of expertise, or just one covering both requirements, depending on your needs of strategy and on your budget.

How to do a good copywriting

  • Conceptualize the main target of your message.
  • Identify who is your Buyer persona and talk to them in their own words, respecting their personality and the brand tone.
  • Express the main idea as straight-forward and clearly as possible.
  • Do not repeat concepts unnecessarily or use difficult terminology.
  • Try to be original and cause an insight, not just conveying information.
  • Include a CTA whenever necessary.
  • Use evocative language in order to trigger emotions in your audience.

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Learn more about copywriting

Copywriting is art indeed. Besides, it evolves according to digital trends and the expectations from the audience. To learn further about it, have a look at the learning resources we’ve selected for you:

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