What is a Call To Action?

call to action - cta

CTA, English acronym that means “Call to Action“, is a resource used in Inbound marketing to encourage a user visiting a content to enter the sales funnel of a company or to move from one purchase stage to the next.

Usually, any webpage that you may visit –either a landing page or a blog article or a news page, has several strategic calls to action aimed at persuading you to, among other things:

  • register on their platform or App
  • subscribe to their newsletter
  • share the content of their site in your social networks
  • download some sort of e-book or Lead magnet
  • do some test for free
  • visit their e-commerce
  • take advantage of a special discount or sales promotion

In Content marketingCTA is directly linked to the objective of each content piece. For instance, if you post an article whose goal is to create interest so that the visitors download a guide and become Leads, CTA has to be a clear, indisputable invitation to do so.

If you develop a landing page with a sales letter to promote your new product, then CTA has to be focused on taking them straight to the request and payment form.

Why is CTA important?

In Inbound Marketing, a content piece without CTA, no matter how useful or interesting it might be, is a wasted effort. Catching the attention and interest of a user is not easy at all these days, and once you achieve it, there’s a very brief opportunity you should squeeze in order to bridge an immediate gap between what the visitors need and what you have to offer.

Otherwise, they will soon forget about you or they’ll be gone to another site in no time, and you won’t have the chance to contact them in the future.

How to make a good CTA?

By the time you create your CTA, take these tips into account:

  1. Identify the needs of Buyer personas. Are they practical or emotional? Do they want to obtain any sort of specific information? Are they trying to build some self-confidence? Are they willing to find entertainment or learn something?
  2. What stage of the funnel are they at?A CTA should never “skip” stages of the sales funnel. If your lead is at the awareness stage, they will ignore a CTA inviting them to a purchase action, but they may react positively to one taking them to more specific information
  3. Send a clear, short, precise message to adapt perfectly well to those needs and to be indisputable –leaving no reason not to do it.

Although CTA is usually no more than one or two lines, it’s the result of hard work and analysis in Inbound marketing. Freelance writers and web designers are the ideal profiles to develop and design the most effective calls to action.

Examples of good CTA

This HubSpot article shows precisely 31 examples of good calls to action; but the most interesting part is the CTA we can find at the end of it, where they invite the user to keep navigating the site, downloading a guide with free templates for CTA, and sharing in social networks.

More examples: 42 Call To Action Examples You’ll Want to Copy

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