What is Lead Magnet?

lead magnet

A Lead magnet is a piece of web content given in exchange for the user’s contact details.

This content is developed according to the interests of the target audience or Buyer persona of a brand, taking into consideration at which purchasing stage of the sales funnel they are. This helps maximize the possibilities of getting the user to actually download, subscribe or fill-in a form.

A Lead is each of those contacts obtained through a Lead magnet. The process of turning visitors into leads or potential clients is called conversion.

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Why are Lead magnets important?

Lead magnets are tools that enable companies to generate Leads. These leads join a database of potential clients who start a process of Lead nurturing, that is, sending relevant quality information to them in order to persuade them into moving forward in the sales funnel until they finally complete a sales operation.

The better the content of Lead magnets, the more Leads will be obtained –resulting in the more sales opportunities.

The cost-benefit ratio of a good Lead magnet is really enabling, as the investment in content creation and tool management is usually pretty lower than the benefits that can be obtained.

Besides, most digital marketing software and web editors have options and plug-ins especially designed to implement Lead magnets automatically, quick and easy.

What types of Lead magnets are there?

Lead magnets all share the purpose of pick up leads, though they can vary a lot in terms of type of content and CTA format. As regards content, it might be:

  • E-books
  • Subscriptions to a newsletter
  • Discount coupons or sales offers
  • Training videos or webinars
  • Games
  • Whitepapers or case studies
  • Guides or tests
  • Tutorials or quotations

As regards format, lead magnets can be seen as:

  • Popping-up windows offering a subscription or content
  • Fixed blocks to subscribe on the header, the footer or the website sidebar
  • CTA buttons at the end of some content
  • Sign-up Now buttons in the middle of content, to display it fully

It is important to take into account that each lead magnet relates to a different stage of the Buyers journey –the leads obtained from this process have to follow different strategies of lead nurturing.

The information we should send a user who has downloaded an e-book on how to pick a high-end mobile phone is not the same information that we’ll send to a lead who has downloaded a discount coupon to get their mobile phone.

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Who is responsible for creating and managing Lead magnets?

A Lead magnet requires some planning, development and implementation.

Planning is performed by the head of digital marketing or content strategy. They will define the topic and the format according to a study of the Buyer persona’s needs and the type of leads to be obtained.

Development is performed by copywriters, content curators, graphic designers and/or video editors, depending on the type of Lead magnet.

Finally, the implementation stage is responsibility of the web master or the person in charge of linking the website tools with the email server manager or the Inbound marketing software.

To learn more about Lead magnets

Creating a good lead magnet attracting many potential clients with the possibility to evolve until the purchasing stage is not easy. It is a very competitive environment out there in the network and only the best stand out. If you want to learn more about this, have a look at the learning resources we’ve selected for you:

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