What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is a set of tactics used by Google Adwords and Facebook Ads that enables sites to show customized ads to users who have already visited or made a specific action on a website. It’s usual to find the terms “retargeting” or “behavioral retargeting” (behavior-based segmentation) to refer to this practice.

You must have surely been part of a remarketing strategy yourself. Have you noticed how, after searching for a flight to your forthcoming holiday destination, you get similar ads with cut-price offers for trips on the social networks?  Or how, after leaving a product pending in your e-commerce shopping cart, you start getting ads with additional discounts to encourage you to close the purchase?

The purpose of remarketing is to show you messages that fit the interests and needs reflected by your behavior on your internet searches, intended at increasing the conversion possibilities.

Which are the advantages of remarketing?

Remarketing can hit a ROI above 130%, which makes it one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Basically, its main advantages are:

  • Segmentation: The ads from a remarketing campaign are only displayed to qualified prospects, as they’ve already shown real interest in the product.
  • Customization: Ads seen by users match exactly what they have been previously searching for in the Internet –they don’t result so no invasive.
  • Conversion: It is estimated that almost half the internet users visit up to 4 different sites before making a decision about a purchase. If yours is one of those sites, remarketing allows you to appear back onstage together with just the perfect offer the prospect needs to move forward and round up the purchase.
  • Traffic: Besides everything said before, remarketing campaigns share the benefit of redirecting traffic to your site, which can be very convenient for your website SEO.

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Google Display Network

Retargeting campaigns work through something called Google Display Network. This network is formed by over two million sites and Mobile Apps, including all Google apps (such as Gmail and YouTube).

According to Google, its display network reaches 90% of internet users. However, experts recommend using a combined strategy of Adwords plus Facebook Ads for a remarketing campaign, which works similarly, in order to obtain a larger and better scope.

What are remarketing lists?

These lists are databases of target users for remarketing campaigns. When a prospect gets to your site or performs some action, like visiting some section or adding an item to the shopping cart, a cookie marks and includes that user in the corresponding remarketing list.

To create these tracking cookies, you need to get the remarketing tag from Adwords and paste it on the HTML code of your website pages.

Each list created on Adwords lets you determine which remarketing labels it’s connected with, how long users will remain members and how often they will be shown the ads on display. The longest membership allowed by Adwords is 540 days.

It’s important to mention that Adwords remarketing lists are just activated when you get over 100 monthly visits.

How are remarketing campaigns set up?

A remarketing campaign involves setting up a set of special ads for a particular list. These ads are as customizable as the rest of Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns and may be focused, for instance, to:

  • Showing the same product which the user showed interested in.
  • Showing a similar product.
  • Showing a new product of the line to a user who already purchased something.
  • Showing popup sales promotion to encourage users to make a purchase they were already interested in.

remarketing - ejemplo

Disadvantages of remarketing

Although it’s a widely used strategy in the digital business, remarketing is not free from some disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • Despite the fact that remarketing is something that most users are already used to experiencing, some might feel it as an invasion to their privacy and resent brands which use it.
  • Many users count on ad blockers such as Adblock, which prevent remarketing ads from popping up on the display.

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