What is a Landing Page?

landing page

A landing page is a page where a visitor is redirected after clicking on an ad, promotion or search result. The goal of a landing page is to obtein the visitor’s contact details in exchange for e-books, access to a webinar,

What is User Experience?

ux - experiencia de usuario

User experience or UX is a term used in Digital Marketing to refer to the interaction of a user with a brand, website or App, in terms of how friendly, intuitive or simple they are. A good user experience aligns

What is a lead?

lead magnet

A Sales Lead or prospect is a user who shows interest in your product or service and who is very likely to become a client, that is, to make a purchase or hire a service. This interest is shown by sharing their contact details

What is Evergreen Content?

contenidos de tipo evergreen

Evergreen content: What is it and Why it works? Evergreen content is content that remains of interest over time and makes for a steady source of traffic to your website. Unlike seasonal or topical content, which drives lots of traffic over

What is Growth Hacking?


Growth hacking usually involves a “positioning strategy”. It refers to all the strategies, marketing and digital tools, focused on increasing the number of users of a given product in the shortest possible time. Growth hacking can be virtually applied to any

What is CSS?


CSS is a supplementary mechanism of HTML language providing the navigator with a style to display the different elements of a website. While the HTML scripts tell the navigator that some parts of the text are titles, subtitles, links or