What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is when a blogger posts an article (or just any sort of content) on someone else’s website or videoblog.

When we say “blogger” we might be referring to a particular individual who produces content on their own, or to a company or to a brand with a corporate blog. This guest posting can be done among bloggers, among corporate blogs or among both.

What is Guest Blogging for?

Basically, this practice of Guest Blogging is useful for:

  • Getting more traffic and potential clients in just one website
  • Increasing visibility, authority, relevance and quality of content
  • Creating professional bonds
  • Obtaining incoming links (Link Building)

For instance, a company may find it convenient to have an influencer from their niche market recording a video for their website, in order to gain visibility among the followers or fans of that influencer.

An influencer may find it convenient to side with other influencer and do shared posts on a regular basis, to focus on a target audience with similar interests.

Two companies that are not direct competitors but which have a similar client profile will find it useful to exchange content so as to increase the traffic of potential clients in both pages, etc.

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How to do Guest Posting on your website?

If you want to invite other bloggers to contribute on a site, first it is necessary to find writers with some relevance and reliability in your niche market. This might be done by a quick Google search or by means of an influencer search tool like Buzzumo.

The same thing happens with blog searches or areas where we should participate as guest bloggers. It’s clearly much simpler to invite other bloggers to write on our blogs than being invited to somebody else’s, especially if it’s a well-ranked blog. That is why the Guest Blogging starts by the quality of your own content as well as your own online reputation.

The better ranked a blog is, the more possibilities that blogger has to get invited over to post content on other blogs.

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What are Google penalties to Guest Posting?

If the search engine detects that the Guest Blogging is only being used as a tool for link building, that is, to increase the number of links and traffic with no real quality content contribution, that is considered as a site ranking technique or “grey hat SEO” or ethically dubious methods, and this behavior is punished by undermining the site’s relevance in the search list.

These type of penalties can be avoided, like the rest of Google penalties, prioritizing quality and the nature of links over fast ranking methods.

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To learn more about Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very useful practice if properly done, and a very dangerous practice in terms of web positioning or SEO if done in a rash. Learn more about strategies and good practices with the learning resources we’ve selected for you:

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